Investment Philosophy

It is now no longer possible to achieve an effective investment strategy by investing in equities and bonds alone. Investment diversification has taken on a new dimension and a balanced portfolio will contain a wide range of asset classes which are as loosely correlated as possible.

Broadly speaking there are two contrasting styles of fund management. There are those that advocate the passive approach which is where the investment is designed to track the markets and there are those that in contrast, have an opinion that active management is superior as this style aims to outperform the index. We believe that both of these techniques can be utilised together to maximise the differing management strategies.

After ascertaining our clients’ financial objectives and appetite for investment risk we will construct an appropriate investment portfolio which will satisfy these requirements. We increase investment diversification and hence reduce risk, by using multi-asset multi- manager funds as the core holding around which individual funds can be utilised where practical.

The portfolio will retain a high degree of flexibility so that any alterations can be made as the clients circumstances dictate.

Regular reviews will be conducted to ensure that the portfolio continues to meet with the client’s agreed financial objectives and aims.